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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Endorsements 2012

I have voted for the Republican at the top in every election since 1994. So now, 2012, I am voting for the Republican in almost all the races here in Colorado. Excepting - the top one.

Some nitpicking background for the ass-burgers and foreigners amongst us. In the US, the Presidency and Vice Presidency are decided by Electors. I don't vote for the candidates; I vote for a slate of Electors, who have promised to vote for those candidates. In Colorado, I understand that the Electors the Republicans got are all pledged to vote for Romney and Ryan. (Nevada's GOP may have let in some Ronulans.) So my vote "for Romney and Ryan" would in fact help to commit this state's Electors to Romney and Ryan. So my vote "for the Electors" would be a vote for the Presidency.

Back to basics. The most serious voice on the Right, Lawrence Auster, has endorsed Romney. Auster boils it down to this: on one side is Hugo Chavez, who will destroy the Constitutional structure of the United States; and on the other side is Mitt Romney, who will pay it some more lip service. For Auster, there are no other options. I had called Auster "the Pope of the alt-right"; now I may have to go back to seeing him as an authentic 1950s conservative.

For now, let's humour those "third parties" and pretend that one of them has a chance. There is a Libertarian candidate. He wears a "nuclear disarmament" symbol on his shirt. (I saw him on Drudge with that.) He is unfit to serve in any government capacity. (I'd say the same of Obama, because I'm racist.) Then there's our homegrown "golden dawn" party, American Third Position... just, no. As for fourth and fifth parties, ad infinitum, they are all kooks and Trotskyist splitters, and I'm not supporting any of that lot. So even if these guys were serious, I'd still not want any of them in charge. [UPDATE: now with math!] I might even prefer Obama.

It comes down to this: from my perspective, there is no candidate that supports an armed America that is also an unentangled America, and an America not subject to (self-defeating) antiSemitism.

If Rightists do not vote for Romney / Ryan, I understand that Obama might win instead. Obama's sect has always hated the Constitution, since the days of the Liberator. Now they have their wish; the Constitution is lost anyway. The American Torah only works for "a moral and religious people", and I see morality and (rational) religion less and less. Our next generation has spoken: 51% Obama. Demographics alone will ensure that the Constitution falls.

I have given thought to this question, and I have decided that I do not care if the Constitution falls. But I will not be held responsible if and when it does fall. That is up to others. If Obama's voters want the Constitution to fall - that's on them. That be their decision. The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return.

My endorsement is for nobody, 2012 at the top of the ticket. Leave that line blank. Vote for a literally empty chair.

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