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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crime in the media

Paul Kersey over at Stuff Black People Don't Like is showcasing three crimes. The main subject of the article is Amber DeLoach. Another subject noted here, in passing, is Autumn Pasquale - which Kersey mislinked (that's what I'm here for!). These two white victims are of black violence; to them, SBPDL contrasts the black victim of white violence Sharmeka Moffitt - who, it turns out, is a hoaxer.

SBPDL thinks that Moffitt will become the next hero to the Left . . . but I don't think this to be likely.

None of these three stories have been noted in the Leftist outlet I use, which is Yahoo. Also this afternoon, I was dragged by a cow-orker to look into HuffPo; I noted that this site's main page didn't touch any of this either. Moffitt was found out as a hoaxter too soon. She is an embarrassment.

I see that the Left and mainstream media are also not making much noise about Dexter Bernard Lewis, Joseph Hill, and Lynell Jonathan Hill.

No. What everyone's talking about over where I live, in the Front Range, is Jessica Ridgeway. The primary suspect in that murder is white.

So: "White Girl In Trouble", and the suspect is also white, so no-one will have a problem in getting into righteous dudgeon over that. These other cases mentioned - three black-on-white crimes, one black hoaxer - these will be forgotten.

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