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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Upload #64: Books down

Some announcements. First, both House of War and The Arabs and Their Qur'an are offline. Second, this year's project "Amorium" is deleted again; will be part of the first bit of The Arabs.

(Third, there's some fixes and enhancements to "The Ararat Tax", but, meh.)

House of War is an "until further notice" situation. I am editing the main part of this book, with help, for readability.

The Arabs had simply accrued too many corrigenda. The worst howler was its reliance on Geiger's 110-years-debunked comment that Terah / Azar was "Athar" in Eusebius. There was also a bad date of death for Ibn Abi'l-Dunya (I had his birth). Whilst I was at it, I noticed that "Amorium" could fit in there. I got hold of a (German) translation of Abraham Tabarani's attack on the Qur'anic text, and I wondered about introducing Donner's essay on "Qur'anic Furqan". And since House of War is pretty stable now at least in structure, the page numbers could be brought into my references thereto.

So, with H.o.W. down, this is a good stopping-point so that these TA&TQ corrigenda should all get, er, corriged. So, that book'll get back up there when the CreateSpace approval comes through.

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