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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A grading system for webcomics

Any serial form of entertainment may be rated on the issue number at which it first makes a slam against State-approved targets.

For The Escapist's "Critical Miss", that moment hit in 31 December 2010. I did some counting, which got me to #66; then I did some math which yielded #68. The authors gave up counting in the #40s. Let's call it #67 and call it a pretty good run.

For those who care to inhale the smug of #60-mumble, it's here. OH NOEZ, CAFFOLICKS.

Now, the comic had, by then, attracted the notice of other biens-pensants who dinged it for orientalism being a male-written comic that showcases a female character. This is - for anyone who's been watching since the Reconstruction Era - Not Allowed; this is Privilege and Essentialism and such. The comic two weeks after that mostly-stupid review then asked why non-Westerners were being allowed to horn in on Tolkien.

No you di'n't!

I haven't even looked for the reaction to that one. Maybe it was just the Escapist's editors who reacted. But I'm willing to bet that SOMEBODY reacted. So the comic burnished its non-Conservative bona fides. It had to.

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