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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Xatrya burial rituals

From Ace's comments, we have a discussion about the Spartiates in New Zealand.

Let's back up. Laura W started the thread by pointing to a vid of New Zealand army dudes chanting a Maori chant. The Polynesians found the north island first but the archipelago is mostly Anglo now. So Flatbush Joe asked why New Zealand's soldiers were citing Maori culture and not Anglo culture.

The Conservatives at Ace's blog were appropriately horrified that someone on their respectable site dared stand up for Anglo culture. Hence the flamewar.

Now, on a small-picture view, the "morons" had a point. New Zealand Anglos identify their culture with the Maori to an extent we might not fully understand here in the 'States or, closer to home, in Australia (Ngaio Marsh, anyone?). Plus, even in the Americas there have been those who have respected Native American warrior style. Consider William Tecumseh Sherman. His father was militia.

What we see in New Zealand is what the Sherman family saw: the respect warriors have for one another, across cultures. What we see in Ace's comments is the respect Conservatives have for warriors.

What we're not seeing is the respect blood has for blood.

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