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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Was Jesus Married? - again

Another Coptic gospel fragment has been found: here.

Said fragment is all dialogue between Jesus and his disciples. What is making the neo-gnostics dampen themselves this time is that it seems to refer to Jesus's wife.

What remains is in the same genre as the Apocryphon of James and the Dialogue of the Saviour; there is also a pile of this in the Gospel of Mary and the (canonical) Gospel of John. That "dwell" and "life" appear in it, and that the anecdote is entirely a closed-door session, hints at a "mystery" form of Christianity.

I am going to get out there early and say that it is bogus. Perhaps not forged by the scholars (like the Secret Gospel inserted into Mark); but at least forged by some schismatic cult or other back then. The author had Gnostic tendencies but was not mainstream Gnostic - Gnostics tended against marriage. The epistle shows the same tendencies as do the canonical Johannine writings.

As for when it was done, my bet is on the middle to late second Christian century.

UPDATE 5/21/2017 - I hadn't updated this page, which was wrong (although it had limited the damage to students of third-century Gnosticism). In light of recent visits, yes, as of June 2016 at least, I am aware Karen King was duped. To paraphrase the best movie ever - I fucked up! I trusted her!

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