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Monday, September 03, 2012

The Green Mile as blood libel

Some decades back Stephen King (of Maine) wrote a series of books under the heading The Green Mile. In it, some black schmo John Coffey gets accused of a crime in the South. It turns out that JC is a supernatural Power, incapable of evil and imbued with healing powers. But the South has him (or Him) in its system, and will see him executed. So, he gets executed.

The Green Mile is at base a retelling of the Christ myth with Dixie standing in for the Jews and Romans. Actually - mostly for the Jews. The system, as mentioned, is a machine and will see him dead; but its functionaries the guards and warden (excepting one sadist dispatched early on) act as Pilate and the centurions. The proles are the ones who viscerally want JC dead.

Because, "they know not what they do". It's that Southern ignorance, and its tolerance of an unjust system when it suits their bloodlust. The only important change Stephen King added to this gospel, is that King's gospel will punish at the end the man who effectively framed JC - and maybe that isn't such a change either, given the fate of Judas.

Let me propose that it is cowardice for a non-Southerner like King to be telling this story. No, it is more than cowardice: this is blood libel. This is the Yankee, as Roman Christian, blaming for the actual crime, the Other - the Jew, the Southerner.

I am reminded of this because the actor in the movie, Michael Clarke Duncan, has recently passed away and because the MSM is reminding us of that fact. Perhaps Duncan was a nice fellow in (most of) his real life. But first we must remember him, for who he was - and that means, for what he had done in his life. Duncan agreed to star in a movie that structurally slandered "the South" and that means, Southern whites.

[credit to buzzsawmonkey for correcting the stages of this essay at blogmo - excepting the last paragraph.]

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