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Friday, September 14, 2012

The common enemy

Here I see a cutesy play on words from the British National Party: What Lies Behind the English Defence League? For those not up with BNP history - those would be Jewish "lies" lying behind the EDL.

I was just beginning to think that Nick Griffin's scorpion had morphed into a cuddly furry spider and that his leopard had shed its spots and become a cute albino panther. To my shame: here and more so, here. I should have known better - before last winter I did know better. All I can say is - I'm sorry.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph hopes openly for the EDL's leader to be "destroyed". [h/t, IvE]

What needs to be remembered is that the BNP and the Conservatives are both political parties. If the EDL and its Freedom Party win, they win at the expense of the BNP first and of the Tories next. The BNP and the Tories are acting in concert.

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