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Monday, September 17, 2012

So you want to know what a black person thinks

I am still hearing a lot about the "liberal plantation" from comment-board Conservatives. If you want to know what a black Obama-voter actually thinks, though... why not ask one?

You could ask one directly; but if you are a non-black reactionary, that might be difficult. What I suggest instead is to go read a book by a black person who doesn't give a darn. Aaron MacGruder has been good for this, off and on, but he's a little too hacky for my taste.

Another fellow whom you might try is DL Hughley. I had the opportunity at the bookstore to leaf through I Want You to Shut the Fuck Up: How the Audacity of Dopes Is Ruining America. He's the "failed comedian" who trolled Michael Steele. (He's still not funny. But that's beside the point.)

I am not about to review Hughley's whole book here - I only leafed through it - but it struck me as honest. It struck me that even where Hughley was wrong, or where he suffered cognitive-dissonance - he was sincere in his beliefs. And Hughley was only wrong in looking at his own race; he was dead-on when he looks at the internal contradictions of Romney Republicanism.

Ultimately Hughley is a Hutu. He has an anecdote where he saved a (black) girl from a gangrape and brought her back to her part of town. It turns out that Hughley was on the "Bloods" side and the girl was - I don't even know, but definitely not "Blood". The local gangstas were going to kill him if he didn't rat out his bloods, and Hughley wouldn't do it. The girl managed to intercede for his life but it was a near thing.

I believe Hughley where he claims not to be racist, or at least not the flashmob sort of racist; but he remains a Hutu. He is not going to "sell out" his tribe where it will benefit us Tutsis at the Hutus' short-term expense.

Extrapolate out from there to the remaining percentage of the non-Romney-voting black population. This is last I looked statistically all of them.

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