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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Sidebar purge and update

So, off my sidebar: Secular Right, Unreligious Right, Jammie Wearing Fool, Amerika, Jim, Transterrestrial Musings, Tim Blair, Zombie.

I have lost patience with secularist hacks (Unreligious Right, Secular Right post-Derb), political hacks (JWF), longwinded bores (Amerika), chest-thumping "antiracists" (Transterrestrial).

Then there is Jim. Sometimes he opines on stuff he knows nothing about which he then does not source. (I am trying to be polite here.) We'll revisit his blog when he gets more careful.

I do retain respect for Tim Blair and Zombie, but I haven't been to their blogs much lately and so I gotta drop them too.

On the plus side, I've added (h/t Foseti, who survived this purge): Uncouth Reflections, the latest hangout of the Two Blowhards. The name seems to be a nod to Unqualified Reservations: the (dead) blog of their most famed alumnus, Mencius Moldbug.

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