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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Once upon a time, Bill Maher was relevant

That time was 1997. As a runup to this post, I suggest you watch this. I got as far as minute 12 before posting this thought.

Maher '97 is good as a comedian and as a moderator - not great, but good enough. If you haven't worked comedy in front of an audience - and I don't dare - you need to know how damned hard it is to be even "good enough". So I mean this with respect.

As for what he's moderating, he's got Gordon Liddy, Brian Marilyn Manson pre-Columbine, Lakita Garth (who back then was apparently a big force as a so-con activist) and someone from the, um, Brady Bunch.

It really amounts to the Lakita Garth / Marilyn Manson debate and, I have to say, much as I loved Manson's "Mechanical Animals" and enjoyed his concert . . . Garth pwns him, hard. Manson here floated that the Bible was the inspiration for Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones, and the KKK. Garth was not having that. And, guess what? Garth's a third right. The KKK does claim Christianity and does run completely against Christian universalism. Always has done.

I'm surprised no-one touched Heaven's Gate. Weren't they a nonChristian cult from the start? That was an own goal from Manson.

Jim Jones was a good point, though. Manson should have stuck with that.

Unfortunately [over minute 13] Garth said that Manson, if he claims to like the Bible, should live it; this is the wrong thing to say to a secularist, and Manson easily blocked that.

Oh, btw: it's not worth watching past that section. When Garth airs her own views on condoms - we're in Akin territory.

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