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Monday, September 03, 2012

Just a straight, single workaholic after all

Janet Napolitano is an unlovely woman who has sought power all her life. Now she is Big Sister, in charge of America's domestic surveillance state. She has forced herself into the androgynous pose which, by coincidence, is often taken by homosexuals - "lesbians", as they are somewhat inaccurately labelled. I suspect I've hinted at this at least in Ace's comments - I'd always assumed that Napolitano was herself a homosexual.

One problem with this is that she has not outed herself as one - which she assuredly would have, by now - and also no female lovers have come out. She has also explicitly denied this: just a straight, single workaholic, she said.

There's a test for this. It turns out that homosexuals prefer the company of homosexuals. They tend to create "pink mafias". This phenomenon has been noted in Catholic seminaries - Chris Dierkes famously commented on this in 2009, but I recall the term used on Sullivan's site long before. So if Napolitano were a homosexual, we should expect homosexuals up and down DHS, with sexual harassment of female employees and poor treatment of males.

It has been found (h/t Jawa) that the female DHS (here, ICE subset) higher-ups are sexually harassing male employees. (I expect we'll be finding out soon, also, that they have been neglecting and sidelining females.) Now we know that DHS (down the ICE branch anyway) lacks a pink mafia.

So, there's your proof, by contradiction: Napolitano really is just a 54 year old virgin.

Whilst we're psychoanalysing this lady from the comfort of our computers, though, I suggest that heterosexual sexual frustration seems unhelpful in hiring and promotion decisions, too...

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