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Monday, September 17, 2012

I am sorry you felt insulted when I insulted you

That said, there's one thing that doesn't ring true in Nassrallah's self-justification: I urge you to check out our work, we never insult anyone.

I am smelling the same odour that came off of Dinesh D'Souza's disavowals. (Although I will admit that in Nassrallah's case, I haven't checked out his work directly.)

To Nassrallah: if you're going into controversial subjects, at some point you are going to accuse someone of doing something wrong. If you point out that Muhammad killed a bunch of Madinan Jews, and you say that this wasn't nice even by seventh-century standards, then guess what? You're insulting the Prophet.

The correct response to "you have insulted the Prophet! INFIDEL" is "FYNQ". If telling the truth about Qutham the merchant is an "insult", then perhaps those who feel insulted should find themselves a less disgusting Prophet.

Back to Nassrallah - the wrong response is to whinge that you never meant to cause offence. That's just blatant humbug.

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