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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Granholm's Nuremberg

Jennifer Granholm, former Canadian and former Governor of Michigan, has given a speech at the Convention. This speech is linked at Drudge, at Ace; all around the right-o-sphere. The Right's "spin" is that this speech is the next Dean Scream. There are indeed some parallels: the crescendo of named states is most obvious.


In 2004 Dean was actually running for something, and he'd suffered a tactical loss; that meltdown showed the moment when he lost control. Compare Granholm. Granholm remains in control throughout; her voice and her gestures do one thing, but her eyes are calm as a marksman aiming at a target.

And look at the crowd. They are going crazy. Granholm is a force of nature and they are being swept up.

Remember: what the RIGHT sees, and what the Right's ENEMIES see, are clean different things. I see how Granholm won those elections in Michigan.

Where the Right might have a point is that, tomorrow, moderate white people are going to see this speech and they are going to see WHICH crowd members are going nuts.

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