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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glenn Reynolds loses his cool

Read this.

I had - at first - some quibbles with this: By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man. The point of "brownshirts" was that the stormtroopers were party thugs, not Government agents; here, the men who took him into custody were the latter, not the former. The former, in Obama's America, do exist - they wear SEIU purple and Panther black - but they didn't do the arrest. Also, the "midnight knock" refers to said thugs showing up where they could not be seen. Think KKK in the 1860s. Right now it's authorised cops running a bust, allowing the photo, and protecting the man's identity. So Reynolds's quote here on its face seems like wingnuttery. Right?

Wrong. This is a trial run. We happen to know that cops don't like being photographed, and that Obama has that side-force of purple and black at his personal disposal. Say the cops get "overloaded". What then?

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