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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fascism right or left, again

ThePrimordialOrderedPair writes,

Fascism is only right-wing in the retarded Eurotrash political spectrum. In America, it's clearly left-wing. Our political spectrum is totally different from that of the Euro retards. Our right is defined by the Constitution and our spectrum runs on government involvement, unlike the Euros who are all government busybodies (having come from nations where the King and royal line was the Supreme Word) and split their politics only on nationalists and internationalists. There is no comparison with America.

The authentic Right in America got tossed out of the North during the Revolution and then was slaughtered in the South over the Civil War. What is left of the Right is Burkeanism.

So, given all that, p.o.p. is correct that what passes for the Right in America today cannot be fascist whilst still holding to what remains of its core, which is - indeed - the Constitution.

The problem with p.o.p.'s comment is that the Constitution has quite visibly failed. So Burkean incremental attempts to salvage this work and push back its enemies are moot. What will take conservatism's place - what must take its place - is fascism, or else a call to reinvite to the Americas the Old Tories.

I hope for the latter, of course, but I am pessimistic. The Old Right was more powerful in 1930 Germany than it ever was in America, and when the chips were down the Nationalists supported the National Socialists.

Whether fascism is right or left, it remains an historic fact that in a democracy the Right under threat from the Left has, in the past, supported the fascists. As to why this should be - well, there's votes in popular fascism, as there are not votes in "support your local Junker and/or banker". (Long term.)

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