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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Conservatives have another go at the chicken

Obama To Lose Yet Another Huge Voting Bloc?, asks Miki Booth. She's talking about Native Americans, again. Elizabeth Warren's false Cherokee heritage was the first annoyance; now black Muslim splinter groups are claiming that they got to America before whites did, and - this implies - joined North America with the Umma.

As documented here, the Cherokee protest against Warren didn't amount to squat. And Booth lives in Oklahoma, which is already a lock for the GOP. Lastly, the white Right have no ground to complain about New World kookery from the Left; they own the Solutrean whackjobs and even more so the Mormons, of which at least the latter is now the candidate for President.

I do agree with Booth on a few points. The ndn vote does have pull in New Mexico and (given how close the race is there) Wisconsin. Also, Cherokee (and other First Nation) attitudes toward blacks are... not favourable.

But on balance I am calling bullshit on Booth's wishcasting.

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