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Friday, August 31, 2012

The ratings

There've been a few comments here and there on how this year's Republican convention isn't getting the same viewership as 2008's. (Or 2004's, I suspect.)

Some of the sillier comments are comparing it to a show (that I hadn't heard of) called Honey Boo Boo. Well... okay, if you're willing to completely LIE and not add up all the networks' ratings against this one network. But I expect that from American Izvestiya. So, we'll move on...

Let's go back to the first paragraph, as to why Zombie Sarah Palin and Zombie Zell Miller are beating out this generation's RNC.

One reason might be that the hardcore Right has already made up its/their/our mind as to how, or if, they are going to vote. The hard core partisan has no pressing reason to watch all the speeches.

Another reason is, hey, YOUTUBE! and, googling for transcripts, and political blogs. I can - we all can - decide when, or if, to see what this or that politician or celebrity is saying.

So, at this point, for such as us, watching this stuff is a waste of time - for its own sake. It has value only as a social occasion; Republican tribesmen banding together at (say) a pub to share in a Republican activity.

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