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Friday, August 31, 2012

Slaves on horses II

So on the 20th, I mooted that payment for "civil servants" should be treated less like a wage and more like an allowance. I'll bump this and explain why.

The sabab al-nuzul for this notion was Maetenloch's comment at Ace's at the time, that Barack Obama Junior had not been donating his extra cash to his (very extended) family in Kenya and various illegal immigrants therefrom to these States - like Aunt Zeituni. In this case, I sided with Obama.

There are various reasons for this, but it boils down to "Africa".

I mean "Africa" as a state of mind; not Africa the place, and not Africans as people. To explain: in Africa - Urheimat of the human race - it is a common theme that politics is a family affair. When someone gets into a position of power, the family of that someone expects that it will be Their Turn To Eat.

Obama is already on the hook for accusations that he hates the whites in the world's independent middle class (I agree that he does) and that he is non-American (I agree that he is). Obama is also aware that his father liked to play the Big Man back home. Barack Senior, it turned out, couldn't strictly afford all the clients and wives and children he took on. It may well have driven him to drink, and to death.

The politician side of Obama Junior knows that if he did provide for his family beyond his wife and two daughters, which I repeat is a large family with many deadbeats, then Americans would attack him for it. (And so would I!) And then there's the side of him that knows the deadbeats, like Zeituni, for what they are, and knows that helping them wouldn't really help them. (I agree here too.) The more practical side knows that this is a rotten way to run a government. (And here I just wish he would be more consistent.)

I could drop one of those racialist comments or links that you've come to expect and enjoy from me... but... as I've hinted above, this isn't just an African thing. The non-Africans amongst us ain't no better. We just won't say outright that it's Our Turn To Eat. Run us through an economic depression for enough years, and our African heritage will out. We get hungry too.

And this is why I recommend that all nations give their governments' employees (for the duration of their contract) a pittance, deliberately insufficient to support a family beyond the wife and two children. Enforce this by Constitutional fiat, if need be. Definitely bar them from the electoral franchise, from Fed down to State.

Want to call this "slavery"? Sure, let's! For government employees and dependents, I'm fine with that; as were the Romans, and as the 'Abbasids after them. Yes, this applies to white employees too. Yes, to conservative employees too. I would just advise, contra the 'Abbasids, that the nations disarm them first.

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