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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update #58: house of change

House of War is on Amazon, and the ancillary collection is under a stable edition. That means I have to go through the footnotes in all my other projects again.

I have updated the footnotes in "Ararat", "Promise", "Explication", "Reformer", "Dispute", "Alimony", "TSM", "Repent", and "Amorium". I also took the time to fix up some minor glitches here and there. These fixes were most needed in: "Interceding", "Iconoclast", "Revenge", "Ethics".

I also pulled out five essays. Some were incomplete; and there were essays reliant upon them, so they had to go too. Two were "Sources of Sura 4", and "Covenant of those Given the Book" which depended on "Sources". I also yanked "Edom and Ishmael", and "Propaganda of the Sufyanids" which depended on "Edom". And I pulled out "Muhkam". The good news is that my other essays - and books! - don't rely on these. So this action does no damage to my overall thesis. Maybe they will be reposted as research continues.

Lastly, I didn't fix "Explication" much, beyond the links. Unfortunately it's too much a keystone to be rid of it yet.

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