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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Endorsements, Presidency 2012

I am convinced that either we run a radical fiscal-Right slate in 2012, Or Else.

If the GOP should run a McCain in 2012, that means that the GOP has admitted that socialism is what America wants. That means that the GOP is the US extension of the British Red-Tories. It also means that, over the four years 2012-16, if more Fail comes our way then the media and the public will pin that Fail upon the GOP and on the Right generally. And then it's hail Caesar Obama, President Perpetuus, from 2016 on.

Therefore, if the GOP fronts a Pawlenty or a Romney or (longshot) a Huckabee or Gingrich: I will vote for Obama. It is, I feel, better to get our descent into populist tyranny over with in advance.

I have several litmus tests: endorsement of Ryan's plan for healthcare, opposition to "Green Technology", opposition to creationism, opposition to (federal) Section 8 and to food stamps. If they are not explicit endorsers of all of this: then I will vote, and volunteer, for America's collapse.

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We won't get Obama on the currency

Here's Ben at AoS: "I think Obama will be the next president to be put on a common denomination of currency."

The currency of USG portrays FDR (10c) and Lincoln (5c, $10). Normally, the State supports its own. FDR and Lincoln aren't on the currency for the good they did. If we celebrated our best Presidents and statesmen, we'd have Polk and Reagan on there - maybe Cleveland.

But that leaves the question on which bill to paint O's face. If, as I think, USG cannot survive as a democracy; then O (like his spiritual ancestor, MLK) will likely not be honoured.

En route to hyperinflatory sovereign-default DOOM: if O is on any currency, then it will be seen as a sick joke. Does O really want to be on a $5000 bill that buys a Mars Bar? Srsly?

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When a Conservative goes ultra

Here's "smarty", from an Ace comment:

I used to wonder how it was that Jews got half of Europe so pissed off at them that they helped the Nazis. I don't wonder anymore, really, I don't. Flag burning? Jew holding the match. Muslim doing a dry run? Jew lawyer suing passengers for being afraid. Kids in Texas holding graduation at a church like they did for decades? Outraged Jew. Cross on public land? Jewish Lawyer. Land sold at auction, Jewish lawyers still suing. Cross vandalized/stolen after the appeals court sides with the Christians? Jews celebrate and sue to prevent replacement.

Jews may fear Islamic terrorism, but the souls of the damned fear Christian judgment (real or perceived) even worse, and so hate the Christian with a fever that they just never could muster for those who are really out to do them in. And don't call Hitler a Christian, like most socialists, he despised religion.

I'll interject here that this comment does not represent current Conservative thought. The Ace commentariat is decidedly against him; even the anti-Jewish squad are steering clear of this guy.

But it does illustrate, perfectly, my point about white Christian asabiya. This comment represents the endstate of Conservative thought.

The Jew can never become an Anglo-Irish-German Protestant (or Catholic, or Mormon). Most Jews and secularists instinctively know that they must remain Other, and fear what that must mean in hard times; and so they support repression of Conservatives because of it.

There's a Jacob And Esau dynamic at work. The Conservative demands social cohesion which demands a shared worldview. The Alien - including a man from the Conservative community who asks too many questions - cannot stay in the Conservative community without keeping silent. The Conservative says: okay then, keep silent. The Alien feels it unfair that he must keep silent while the Conservatives keep at it. The Conservative says, MAJORITY RULE, BITCHEZ and then the Alien calls in outside protection. The Alien has to.

And then, well, there's me. I just ask whether the Alien or the Conservative is objectively right, and then I side with that side, on a case by case basis. So I, too, support repression against Conservatives.

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Jane of MyPetJawa has rubbed the anti-Saleh lamp for some years now. It's looking like a genie is about to come out. (h/t, Sigma.)

What Kouri notes, and Jane doesn't, is the presence of foreign fighters... in the resistance.

I predict a period of disorder, misrule, and pirate bases in Yemen - as in Somalia. I predict that parts of Yemen will be al-Qaeda. However I don't think that the whole of Yemen will fall to that faction. So... yeah, Afghanistan. Iran may end up invading the place to support the Shi'a.

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"Barack" starts with a beta- update: PUNK'D

I got this "Morning Bulletin" (it claims, yesterday morning) from John Koenig [added: commenting] at Ace:

[Obama] scored poorly among every ethnic group with his score among blacks at an average of 68%, a relatively dismal showing considering his election with 95% of the black vote.

Perhaps equally disheartening for the DNC and Senior Advisor and 2008 campaign wunderkind David Plouffe was the President’s showing among males. After garnering 49% of the male vote in the last presidential election, the poll showed Obama down to a support level of 39%. According to a source, respondents cited a profound lack of testosterone in Obama’s policies and political outlook with some saying that if Bill Clinton was the first “black” president, Barack Obama is certainly America’s first “female” president. From his “mom jeans” to a pervasive indecisiveness to a lack of support for the traditional, once-male bastions of business and the military, Obama is widely perceived as weak. And the killing of Osama bin Laden has done little to erase this perception.

I'm going to assume that this is what it says it is: from the DNC running a poll around northern Virginia yesterday. Is this worth hyperventilating about? UPDATE 5:15 PM - Ace says no.

That "68% black vote!1one!" doesn't pass the smell test, or the laugh test, or any test. If the GOP put out a populist Rightist like Palin, blacks will vote against out of fear and loathing; if the GOP put out another McCain, blacks will vote against out of contempt. Either way, the Dems have inertia and asabiya on their side. I expect that the DNC polled a barbershop and got an earful from blowhards who don't mean what they say.

(This is leaving aside the high likelihood of black riots this summer and next summer - as the Stuff Black People Don't Like blog predicts. Race relations are not going to be good come October 2012. Blacks will fall in line behind Obama and the DNC knows it.)

A more interesting takeaway from the pericope is, how was it that the DNC were able to find so many blacks willing to hammer Obama. The juxtaposition in this implies that these were black men. As a general rule those alpha males who aren't leading the dog-pack care about the calibre of the man who does lead. If the pack's leader is weak, his weakness cascades down to his followers. The HBD and Game answer to black discontent, then, is that black men increasingly suspect that Obama is a bitch.

UPDATE 6/4: That last paragraph assumes that this isn't "made-up bullshit". I should make clearer here that the premise is so unlikely that it isn't wise even to speculate based on that. Also, I had to make clear that "Koenig" is not endorsed by Ace. [Blogging Note To Self #1600-something.]

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Two stories hit over the Memorial Day Weekend. One was the story of the Representative('s) Weiner. The other was the story of spontaneous black rioting and mayhem. I have an idea as to why the Rightosphere (starting with Ace, Riehl, GatewayPundit, and Instapundit) concentrated on the former.

These pundits are mainstream, and several have comment sections. I've been in this rodeo long enough to know that one must keep rein on one's non-blogging commenters. Otherwise, when you post on race, you invite the HBD Fan Club. I have "Auster comments" - people have to email me to get quoted here - so I'm safe.

Also, the pundits are in the DC playpen. It's a personal business. Rep. Weiner and others involved (including media, like Podhoretz) have made personal contacts. Ace has contacts of his own. Ace has no problem roasting Weiner, but has been known to self-censor in the past - he's mentioned Charles Johnson, for one, as someone he could have burned but chose not to until a few years ago. Now, Ace is upset that other DC types and conservative-media guys aren't up for it. It bit him this time; and he seems aware of it, with his comment last Sunday that "conservatives have no friends, just enemies currently useful". I'd like to point out that this isn't hypocrisy, but humanity - but at the same time, I'll repeat - a lot of the Weiner stuff is personal. Weiner has personally pissed off a lot of rank-and-file Rightists in a way that Moynihan (for instance) never did. Weiner, I suspect, palmed off on the elite Right (like JPod) that most of his anti-Conservative bluster was just for the rubes and not for People Like Us.

Lastly, Weiner's just funny. Wiener wiener wiener! Ace likes funny; he does funny, and he usually does it well. But a mass unco-ordinated outburst of thuggery from the black community? Not funny. Tragic, in the full Classical sense.

UPDATE 6:50 PM: Auster is a Weiner free zone. (Just refreshed this from 15 minutes ago.)

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Massive unreported flash-mob riot in Boulder

Whenever a huge crowd of people gather for a long weekend, especially when "youths" are involved, that is asking for trouble. In several locations all over the country, young men and women rioted and looted. It got so bad that it ended up a major theme of Drudge last weekend. No-one can ignore this. (h/t's, SBPDL and Lawrence Auster.)

But for some reason, nothing much was reported from the "Bolder Boulder" event in Colorado. Boulder is home to a huge state university, hosting myriads of young people. Admittedly most of these kids have gone home for vaycay, but remember - state university. You can believe a lot of students and recent grads came back for this. There were over 20,000 people just in the run.

I mean, if it's "youths" causing all the damage... how come Boulder isn't a smouldering crater by now?

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Minute sixteen

Andrea Harris has a post up informing us that we're no longer famous. It rips the HBD crowd in part for being wrong and in part for hypocrisy.

Her comment is termed a "rant", and it does live up to that descriptor. It is unfocused.

Take her intro about Japan. The HBDers juxtaposed the tsunami in Japan with similar disasters in America. They concluded that the Japanese don't loot; blacks do.

Harris contested the former. She pointed out that the Japanese do loot - they just do it to other nations during a war, as in Nanking. The important point here is that the Japanese were looting other people; they don't loot their own, to the extent of blacks. Harris also counts corruption as equivalent to looting; but it's not. The point of HBD is that looting is low-IQ theft as opposed to corruption. Corruption needs to be compared with corruption, not with looting.

On the topic of corruption, she blames it for the state of Detroit. She points out that many white people helped to vote for liberal politicians and even for black politicians. There are several counters to this; one of these compares the proportion of bad voters in one population against the other. That doesn't contradict HBD - HBD is a statistical proposition (the Bell Curve). HBDers who attack the entire black race, or let the entire white race slide, are Doing It Wrong. Another counter would be to compare the sheer level of corruption in Detroit now, against the level in the 1930s. Lastly, an HBDer could just wash his hands of the part whites played: that the white elite abandoned its responsibilities, permitted democracy, and fled. The HBDer could blame those "Disingenuous White Liberals" for abandoning HBD-based policies, which had worked for centuries; if the local whites had stayed the course, Detroit would be better off than Chicago now.

To sum up, Harris is wrong; and not only is she wrong, but she is blustering. Deep down, she knows that she is wrong.


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Monday, May 30, 2011

PZ Myers is an embarrassment

PZ Myers notes a comment by a rabbi, "aren't atheists embarrassed by P Z Myers?"

I am a Catholic-aligned agnostic. Myers's philosophy doesn't embarrass me. Myers's arguments against Intelligent Design, also, don't embarrass me. Even Myers's profanities don't embarrass me.

Where Myers embarrasses me is when he cites abuses like this as if they were intrinsic to the religion. I say that he does this, because his aim isn't to shame the Catholic hierarchy (in this case) into becoming a better vessel for its message. I suspect that we are not equally likely to see a Myers post pointing out abuses of United Nations' "peacekeepers" as a means to discredit the United Nations. His aim is to discredit Catholicism, among other religions. Belief systems of which he approves receive a pass.

Which leads to the next point. Myers touts himself as a "liberal". Any honest atheist and informed biologist must come, instead, to the "reactionary" conclusion about humanity: that not all men are created - born - equal, that on aggregate not all groups of men are created equal, and that on aggregate men are not created equal to women. I wonder, for instance, what the demographics of the classes he teaches look like. Mostly black, right? Since he's a liberal?

Of course if he admitted to any of this, they'd probably not let him teach. Which makes him a cynic and/or a coward. An embarrassment.

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I wonder if this story will get any traction. (h/t, Xanthippa.)

Louisiana is Conservative, even more so now following all those disasters since summer 2005. Conservatives believe in asabiya, and in the South the dominant tribe professes Protestantism. This means that the locals like to indulge in Christian-themed public ritual - to bring the community together, and stuff. This Conservative quirk generally expresses itself during public school.

The way it's supposed to work is that the kid stays if he's got indoctrinated, or else commits suicide or moves to Madison, Wisconsin and becomes an anti-Conservative hate-filled hippie. The South remains the South and everyone (else) is happy.

But not everyone likes the South that way. Every now and again some kid - usually an "Other", like a Mormon, Jew, or Catholic - publicly, or privately, calls in the ACLU. This happened again. Interestingly this time it was a local apostate.

He's being shown the brotherly love any apostate can expect. His teachers have spoken out against him; he's got death threats; his own mother attempted to deprive him of contact with his older brother (his brother picked him up... and then, while he was at his brother's, his mother threw all of his stuff outside where it got stolen).


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Sunday, May 29, 2011

John Podhoretz, guardian of the Rainbow Bridge

Here's how John Podhoretz defeats this opponents in debate: "And you are....someone whose articles I've probably rejected."

The argument thus ignored, Podhoretz belittles the man. And how does he know said man is worthless? Because the man cannot get published. And why can not the man be published? Because Podhoretz is the editor, and decides what is good or not.

This illustrates perfectly the circular architecture of the Cathedral.

UPDATE: I have been blogging for over nine years. I was a neocon until mid-2009. There were almost a thousand posts here up to then, and over six hundred since. Let's say we include the LGF Gap '07-09 in that blogging-time; and throw in all the other comments I ever made. John Podhoretz was firmly in that Frum / Sullivan / NRO orbit. I should have mentioned him somewhere ... right?

I've mentioned this man exactly once. And then I suggested he was being hypocritical. I posted about that because his original comment embarrassed his own side (which was my side too, then, remember). Insofar as JPod was affecting an Ambrose Bierce air in that post, HE FAILED IT.

Well, maybe I just wasn't much of a citer. Okay, then. Did I mention Mark Steyn? Posted a massive defence of him in '02. Andrew Sullivan '02-03? Lots of that in the archive. Frum, pre-'07? No problem. What about John's own dad, Norman Podhoretz? "World War IV" is still a theme here. I'm not even getting into LGF and the blogosphere.

Nothing from NPod's lil' Pud. Except when it spurted out something so vile that I had to kick it.

So in my capacity as gatekeeper of my site, John Podhoretz is... someone whose output I've always rejected.

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The pale Weiner's honeybun

Twenty-four Hour Rule has been followed. So, here's RS McCain, on l'affaire Cordova.

I found out about the story at Ace's yesterday. I didn't bother posting, because at that point all I had were weenie jokes, and Ace's site had that well covered.

With RS McCain involved, now we get a media angle - and I recall that RS McCain is a Confederate as well. So, as the Joker put it, "and - away - we - go".

The recipient of the Weinertent is cute, young, and of African descent. Ace's commenter FUBAR points out that she's not black-black in the sense of urban Denver or the South. First off, this is Seattle, Anglo-central. Secondly, with a name like "Cordova", I'd assume her ancestry is Dominican. [UPDATE 6/4: her mother has a Japanese last name, too.] But her pose is stereotypically black; she poses with that wide-eyed, pursed-lips, hand-on-hips "check-it-girl" attitude. The white girl next to her is appropriately amused. That's the role she's chosen for herself: the local SWPL meetup's homegirl.

[UPDATE 6/4: It's likely that Mizuguchi-Cordova is an innocent bystander; and that Weiner intended his tweet instead for a pr0n-*, "Ginger Lee". Fair enough. Miss Cordova was still a poseusse in the pictures she took.]

But then, she's young; maybe she will ditch the minstrel act and find a group of friends, of whatever ethnicity, who won't play off on it. Maybe.

As for the media: on other topics, Jim has called out the US as Orwellian. Here, the mainstream press shills, if it notes what is going on at all. HotAir and the blogs have noticed that the rightist press isn't any better: NRO haven't touched it as of this morning. This, as RSM notes, by stark contrast with the UK press.

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The Sufyani-era Qur'ans

The official Qur'an up to sura 13 - 679 AD - contained suras 3, 4, 6, 10, and 17. Other Qur'ans at this time had suras 7 and, later, 11. Following that year the Syrians appear to have resisted suras 7 and 11, while the Zubayrids and Shi'ites didn't.

These Qur'ans differed from the post-Zubayrid Qur'an. In the former Qur'ans, Islam's House of God was in Jerusalem. Sura 14 introduced Mecca, where the House stayed.

The Sufyani Qur'an still owned apocryphal tales of Biblical characters like Abraham (6), God's Camel-ette (17), the docetic and Prophetic Jesus (4), laws on wife-beating (4), a lot of antiChristian and antiJewish content (3, 4) and, of course, jihad (3). From the unbelievers' perspective, the Sufyani Qur'an was just as intolerant and nonsensical as is the current one.

The Qur'an of sura 11 contained suras 6, 7, 10, 17, and 20 and so is a good deal kinder. However it still had sura 3 looming back there.


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Why forgeries were written for the Qur'an

What was the purpose of a sura?

First, we need a context; so I'll offer how I, personally, get the context. I start with the sequence of authorship, as determined through redaction-critical criteria: each sura quoting the canon its audience already accepted. Most of my projects argue for these directions of dependence. At the same time, I have the argument that suras 13 and 14 are political, making the most sense as products of circa 680 AD. The project "Four Gates To The Garden", and the cluster around the Zubayrid interregnum, take up this case.

Here is a list of suras from 679 AD and beyond, grouped by purpose:

  • Political: 9, 13, 14, 21, 23, 27, 28, 29, 38, 40, 57, 58, 61
  • Sira: 66
  • Legal: 65
  • Apocalyptic: 50
  • Ritual: 22, 41
  • Apologetic: 43, 46 (first edition)
  • Homiletic: 19, 32, 35, 39, 60

I'll warn here that this list is not exhaustive. I haven't written dedicated projects for all of them - suras 9, 19, 43, 50, and 60 are handled in footnotes or in thematic projects. And there are many suras I don't date yet - or can't.

They also overlap. In form, they are all homilies exhorting to worship of "God alone". Beyond that: sura 21 adds apocalyptic urgency to its policy; the two ritual suras have political reasons for what they command. Other readers could easily suggest additional overruns.

In practice, the call to come to God alone is usually a literary device, to "open your breast" to the sura's real message. It's exactly like how the mosquito uses its venom to numb your skin so it can slide its snout into your bloodstream.

I have to admit that these suras do not impress me. Too many are political. This collection, this appendix to Mu'awiya's Qur'an, amounts to the most cynical text of which I know.

UPDATE 6/19/2011: Figured sura 32 was worth posting here.


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