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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Update #39: the Furqan

I have a new project on sura 25: "The Furqan".

To do this I pulled the sura 25 stuff from "Sequence of Six Prophetic Suras" and from the "Muhkam" footnote, and I chopped off the whole first part - the good part - of "Abu Turab". I also pulled out some of the introductory verbiage in "The Dispute between `Umar and Ubay".

"Uthman and Critics" has better footnotes as a result.

I found that sura 21 used sura 25, so: "Iconoclast".

In the process of the research, I looked into the inscriptions of Khalid b. Humran at Sde Boqer - yes, Yehuda Nevo's Sde Boqer. I read that Ibn Humran scratched out twenty graffiti, but I can only find five of them in my books and the 'Web right now. While still unconvinced by Nevo's theories, and while none of this affected sura 25, I did end up with several new parallels to this and that. I also sifted out more connections in other suras. Here: "Ararat", "Islamic Ethics", "The Turning", "Explication of Suras 27 and 28".

As for the 25th sura for its own sake: it's about laying down some beliefs to confute the Christians with. Sura 25 found sura 17 the most important precedent, and sura 25 also brings in suras 7 and 11. Since I haven't dated any of those suras, I'm not dating 25, excepting maybe to put it alongside" the dispute of Leo with `Umar" in the 90s / 710s.

When I start on something, I don't always know where it will lead, and if it leads nowhere then I don't post it. In this case, I'd thought that sura 25 was a late and boring sura with no contact outside Islam.

Last Sunday, looking at sura 25, it occurred to me that I could find nothing in there even within Islam that I can confidently date to the Marwanids (28, 32, 35, 38, 46, ...); and very little even from "uh, sometime around 70/690?" (sura 5, and maybe 26 and 41). Then I found that sura 21 was itself using it in 720 AD. In that timespan, it reflects at least the milieu of "Leo-`Umar"; which I was also dating prior to 720 AD. So that got me my angle.


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