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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Update #38: mercy and judgement

I was going back over Crone-Hinds and Schacht - and, also, Uri Rubin.

Schacht in several essays had commented about the Nakha'i clan's adoption of Ibn Mas'ud as their legal authority in Kufa. I'd forgotten about this in "Torah to Hadith". There, I had independently - via Clarke's translation of Laknawi's appendices to the Shaybani Muwatta - come to the same conclusion. Schacht I think got the point across better than Laknawi; for instance, Schacht has footnotes. With this, now I have footnotes worthy of the name.

Uri Rubin had some information about the meaning of Uthman's signet ring. This goes to "The Book of Uthman and its Critics". Also I'd added a ref to "Torah and Hadith" there apparently last spring - while I was still writing the "Torah" project - but never got around to posting the "Uthman" project when done. Now all this is ready.

In the meantime Rubin cited Umayyad poetry on the meaning of David and Solomon, and pointed me to Crone and Hinds, God's Caliph - again. When I went back there, I found several references I'd missed: the justice of David (Q. 38:26), the granting of understanding to Solomon (21:79), the succession of David to Solomon (sura 27), and Job / Ayyub as the next Davidic successor (sura 38). I'd like to get to the primary sources, Farazdaq, Jarir, and Nabighat, at some point. In the meantime, these references inform "Solomon's Revenge", "The Iconoclast", and "Explication of suras 27 and 28".

In the process I went back to the question of Q. 11:28, which has Noah refer to a "mercy"; this is not in Ibn Mas'ud's codex. I'd run into it in the spring of 2010 while dealing with "The Iconoclast", sura 21; since then, I have to admit it applies to "Solomon's Revenge" as well. In 2010 I just footnoted it and approved the canonical version. This autumn, I have found that "rahma" in sura 11 was controverted also in 11:17. So, I felt I had to prove 11:28 this time. This verse points to 11:63, back to sura 11's Prophetic cycle. So I checked back on "A Partial Developmental Sequence for Six Prophetic Suras" - and found that I'd punted on the "rahma" question there, too. I changed this "Prophetic" project to support 11:63. I'm still punting on 11:28; but in a more informed fashion, one hopes.


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