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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Karl Marx, Jewish prophet?

Ah, HERE Katzenelson gets controversial - page 81:

Karl Marx held the God of the Jews in contempt and he was estranged from Judaism (even as he loved the Jewish activists in London), but despite this, he was a typical Jew who sprang from generations of Ashkenazic rabbis. His book “Das Kapital” has great similarities to the Talmud and to other Jewish religious writings, and the socialistic pathos of Marx is entirely a Semitic pathos whose hearth was in the Mideast.


This was the Jewish strike against the Roman world, which was the counter-strike against the strikes that the Jews had absorbed from Vespasian and Titus 1800 years before.

I somewhat agree with the first paragraph; but I don't see Communism as essentially Marxist. There have been Communist movements before Marx.

The important "Marxist" text is the Manifesto. This was actually Engels, I recall; Marx just edited it. In that respect the Communism which people actually follow owes more to the socialist theories which came out of the Reformation in Germany. That would be the Reformation, to reform Catholicism or so they claimed, and this preceded Marx by quite a bit.

In some ways Reformation was a reactionary movement, "re"installing a Judaic form of Christianity against the organic Christianity of Latin Europe which is Catholicism. And there are certainly socialistic elements in the Prophets - however, the elements seem stronger, to me, in the writings of Saint Luke. Anyone can yell at the rich and weep over the poor. It took Luke to write about the attempt to create a Christian commune.

Katzenelson is letting his pro-Ashkenazi nationalism get the better of him.

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