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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Texan freikorps

Perhaps if the Texans' army had not fallen apart, Texas could have secured a more honourable peace. Here's "The Break-Up"; Ramsdell, 34-5:

As the disbanded soldiery swept on through the state... at Houston... the soldiers simply took possession of Confederate and generally of state property wherever they could find it, alleging that as it had originally been collected for their use and as they had protected it, they were the nearest heirs of the defunct Confederacy and entitled to this much of the estate. Added to this was the irritating conviction that while they had suffered hardships in the army they had not been adequately supported by the mass of those who had been allowed to remain at home, and that the resources of the country had been speculated upon and wasted by the incompetent or unprincipled men into whose hands they had fallen. Nor did popular opinion often condemn the soldiers.

I have to say, the similarities between Texas 1865 and Germany 1918-19 are uncanny.

Likewise, the Germans still owned a functional army and state as of Armistice Day; by the time of Versailles... not so much. One would think Wilson, of all people, should have guessed at what would happen in Munich and Berlin when the Germans surrendered.

Add to this that in May 1865, General Joe Shelby turned his thousands of troops toward Mexico, in a bid to join up with Emperor Maximilian and get paid. Here we have what the "Freikorps" tried to do in newly-Lithuanian Memel.

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