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Saturday, July 09, 2011


Loewen in Lies I Tell My Students complains that we apply terms like "regime" upon Reconstruction governments - as I have applied it upon Edmund Davis's.

The dictionary - okay, Wikipedia - definitions of régime turn up: a set of conditions, and a form of government. Against that, Loewen says that a "regime" has the connotation of illegitimacy. So - why should it mean that?

The word is French. To the French Enlightenment, Louis XVI was the Ancien Régime. That means, it was the French Left who redefined "regime" to imply "crooked and evil".

The Left, here speaking through Loewen, asserts the trademark for their redefinition of this word. Loewen in his complaint reserves it for Dole's takeover of Hawaii, and for the Republic of Texas(!). Loewen sees as self-evident that Texas from 1836 to 1846 was a "regime".

It seems that Loewen does not like that we grade him by his own textbook. Aww.

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