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Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Reconstruction

Fooled you... there is no such book. Conservatives today have Politically Incorrect Guide books on several other topics. Harold William Crocker III got assigned the Civil War, and Thomas Woods got American history as a whole. Woods offers a chapter on Reconstruction. That has to do.

Pity the modern Conservative, that whimpering cur! He dares preach nothing about that counterReconstruction often called Redemption. Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment are attacked for their unconstitutionality, and the latter additionally for its modern effects; but never for their core ethic.

One service Woods does provide is a bibliography. I find two books that might be interesting. One is The South During Reconstruction by E Merton Coulter, from 1947. The Story of Reconstruction by Robert Selph Henry is even earlier: 1935. Woods won't cite the Dunning School directly - he can't.

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