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Saturday, July 02, 2011

A pamphlet I cannot find UPDATE, BAD CRAZINESS

I am looking for Governor Throckmorton's Address to the People of Texas. The Weekly State Gazette 10 August 1867 printed it. The Dallas Herald reprinted it on 7 September. Then in 1873 it was a pamphlet.

The Reconstruction Act (and supplement) had, in 1867, annulled the Southern States - in all but name, they had become imperial dioceses of the US Congress. Sure, there were still "governors" in the South; but they had to answer to generals like Sheridan. Texas, in Ramsdell's opinion, did not deserve it.

Under that cover, Unionists ensured that Throckmorton could not get his job done. At the end of it, the US military deposed this legally-elected and loyal governor.

One Kenneth Wayne Howell has a bio of this man out on Google Books (2008). I'll break from Ramsdell and quote Howell.

reviewed his relations with the military authorities and refuted the charges that he was an impediment to Reconstruction. The outgoing governor wrote that he had exhibited every effort to follow federal laws, had aided General Sheridan and his subordinates in Texas, and had maintained peace in the state. Furthermore, he declared that the military had interfered with the civil courts and juries. Throckmorton claimed that the actions of the military had thrown civil administration of the state into disorder and had aroused bitterness and apprehension in the hearts of the people. Despite the vitriolic commentary he aimed at the military, Throckmorton concluded his address by advising the people to abide by the laws, to be kind to the freedmen, to refute by their conduct the Radical charges of disloyalty, to register if allowed to do so, and to elect good conservative men to office.

Kenneth Wayne Howell, Texas Confederate, Reconstruction governor: James Webb Throckmorton (TAMU Press, September 26, 2008), 155. Here's how Howell sends this man into the sunset: Throckmorton's racial biases against the freedmen and his unwillingness to accept Congressional Reconstruction ultimately led to his removal from office.

And with that, Howell closed his laptop, recycled his biodegradable coffee-cup and bicycled back home.

APPENDIX: There's some interesting correlations between Howell and Ramsdell. Ramsdell p. 170 also ends the paraphrase:

Finally, he urged the people to abide by the laws, however unjust they might regard them, to be kind to the negroes, to refute by their conduct the Radical charges of disloyalty, to register if allowed to do so, and to elect good Union men to the convention.

Question to Howell: what part of this was Throckmorton's? Another question: why didn't you use quotes? Because to my eyes, this looks fucking bad.

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