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Friday, July 01, 2011

Lacrosse and Strauss-Kahn

I read a lot of Auster and Ace, and I take both seriously. They are often at odds, and I doubt they read each other much (although their commenters do).

There's been another report, which I didn't want to touch, about Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Some say he raped a black maid in New York. I hear today that the prosecution has problems.

Auster is on record in many fora stating that whites don't rape blacks. As an instance, at FrontPage there was this, which I found by accident from a Google search. Extrapolating from that, an elderly white man would have a hard time forcing himself upon a working-class black woman.

On the side of the maid, or at least of ambiguity, here's Ace and his comments.

Here's my thought: Strauss-Kahn isn't "white" in the way of the US or even Britain. He's French. The French're different. Maybe French men do rape blacks. They certainly did a lot of that in Louisiana, Haiti, and Martinique. Nowadays, amongst the French themselves... their proles won't do it, but their élites are another story.

I hate to be like the accusers of the Lacrosse team. Really, I do. But this guy Strauss-Kahn is difficult to defend on his good days.

I have this gut feeling I'm going to be posting an apology-post on his behalf in some months - that next month, someone will find this maid driving a gilded carriage through New Orleans.

That's why I didn't want to touch it.

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