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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ahh, Texan politics

The character of the Radicals in the 1868^H9 convention needed work.

Footnote, Ramsdell 242: Coleman [a carpet-bagger] left the state... under charges of bigamy and horse-theft. Guess he'd need to rustle up that horse, once that second wife found out. And, I'd suggest, a fast one.

And let's give it up for HARRIS COUNTY! Ramsdell 257 points to one who, the Thug Report might comment, liked 'em young:

One member, CW Bryant, of Harris County, a negro preacher, was indicted in Austin for rape upon an eleven-year-old colored girl, and the examining trial made his guilt perfectly evident; yet in the face of this evidence, the [E.J.] Davis faction, to which he belonged, resisted every effort to expel the brute, for no other apparent reason than than they desired his vote. However he was finally expelled. A number of personal encounters occurred and added to the general ill-feeling.

I'll say.

I should note here that Bryant wasn't expelled until after this Constitution was finished: p. 261, footnote. Mind you, his vote didn't matter. The Davis faction had lost by then.

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