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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picking fights in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is now under Tea Party rule. (h/t Ace) Earlier there was talk at NRO that the local parliament might revisit the collective-bargaining law; if they do, don't expect much different from the state Capitol than what we've seen already.

The Wisconsin Right has left itself open to a challenge. Via NRO again, Walker is underwater: 43/54.

The Wisconsin Left has its problems. Misogyny. Protesting the Special Olympics. And there's the possibility that some nut will take more... direct action.

As for what Walker should do next, to recover his votes: I would recommend a law-and-order campaign. I assume that there is crime going on in, at least, Milwaukee. Going after those public employees involved in schools was always going to be a problem for the SWPL crowd. Going after criminals might retrieve some of those "Reagan Democrats". Make sure it's tied in with some of the local sociologists' excuses for their bullshit.

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