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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sarah Palin's sinister associations

Arhooley has dug through some of the Palin emails:

Aide Rosanne Hughes tried to comfort [Palin, 2007-8]: "Governor, do you know how loved you are? These four or five bitter people are so NOT representative. You are so, so loved. The enemy is trying to discourage you. Hang I there! You are doing such an awesome job. You are an amazing lady and the Lord is your defender. He knows the truth and He is going to vindicate you. It hurts my heart to hear these horrible people are bringing you down. We forgive them, Lord. Help theses people come to know You."

By way of sarcasm, she has opined that the above is not "sinister". I disagree.

For those who do not speak this cant, I'll translate. Palin's enemies are under the influence of the Devil. Palin is a caliph of God. Those who oppose Palin have cut themselves off from knowledge of Him.

Hughes is a fanatic. Is Hughes the only fanatic in Palin's circle?

[UPDATE] All that said, this is likely the worst message in Palin's mailbox. If the media had released, say, Rick Perry's mailbox or - God help us - Donald Carcieri's, I'd not be overly surprised to see literal skeletons fall out.

[UPDATE 2] This post is not intended as a slam on arhooley. I've edited it for tone.

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