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Saturday, June 11, 2011

RS McCain's long memory

There's an interesting red-on-red flamewar going on in Auster's site. RS McCain is a Conservative; Auster, I class amongst the Reactionaries. I'm not going to get into who has the best of this fight.

What interests me is McCain's postscript:

You have my permission to publish this e-mail, knowing that it will give the Left yet another "dot" to add to their scatter-chart of right-wing guilt-by-association, demonstrating that all conservatives are actively conspiring with heinous people with the worst possible motives. In fact, I've decided to BCC Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center, just to spare her any unnecessary effort in this regard. And I BCC to others, who may draw their own conclusions as to whether you and I are actually so conspiring.

McCain here observes that the Left views Auster as "heinous". By corresponding with Auster, McCain has become a Confidant Of Racists.

McCain knows the Left's tactics by bitter experience. Once upon a time LGF and others - like me - lumped McCain in with - I'll be polite here - the Rebel Right. McCain won't let anyone forget it. He has a Confederate's memory.

My beef with McCain isn't his affinity for Dixie. It's that he poses as a Dixie-publican, and has not followed his own logic to where it must lead (UPDATE 3/19/13: either here or there; but as of June 2011, I had reason to believe "here"). Again, here, there is ambiguity about whether McCain agrees with Auster or not. So, McCain blusters, "bravely" announcing See That Guy Auster? I'm NOT With That Guy!

RS McCain will end up pleasing nobody but other self-deluded Conservatives.

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