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Monday, June 20, 2011


StuffBlackPeopleDontLike observed Non-Father's Day, thus: "I tried to live the Roissy lifestyle, well, I did live that lifestyle. The stories I could share.. and I have nothing to show for it. Every time I see my friend or talk with him on the phone, he never fails to bring up my biggest failure."

I am a Non-Father myself; I too have made mistakes leading me to where I am. I have nothing but sympathy for him in that regard. However I do have an issue with "friends" rubbing my face in my failures.

I posted a comment to the effect that you should let a true friend get away with bringing up a "greatest failure" once. (There are exceptions; if he sees you setting yourself up for further failures of that sort, and he uses this in an intervention. I hadn't thought of that at the time.) You do not want to become a whipping-boy; for your own self-respect.

(He didn't let it through the filter.)

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