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Monday, June 27, 2011

Proletarian orality; Brahmin journalism

One "James N." writes this: There was very little discussion at the time [1950s] of what would become of black culture and black society once those concepts [segregation] and their associated reality were destroyed. Well, now we know. [This at Lawrence Auster's.]

Counter to that, there did exist data on this topic. But, I am now convinced, it was deliberately suppressed. These suppressors were, and are, those whose government Obama and Holder have inherited.

I hold it as obvious that human nature does not change. So, to find out what is likely to happen if a given event should occur now, we need a comparable set of people and events in the past. 150-ish years ago was the Reconstruction / Redemption era.

Here is the problem with the histories about that time: they are slanted. If we're to go to primary sources, it's not much better then either. Northern sources reported according to Northern concerns. Southern papers were under strict military control. The Redeemers were largely proles. Proles spread their accounts orally - they still do, as you can gather from all the emails you get from your dear 70-year-old maiden auntie.

When you have emailed back your polite "lol" to Aunt Mabel's latest, and escaped to your local Government-approved bookstore: it gives you all you could want between Chomsky and Coulter. If you want to study Reconstruction / Redemption, these books will include The Day Freedom Died, Sundown Towns, Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War, and most recently Inherently Unequal - and then there's the Right's ghetto, filled with Politically Incorrect Guides. Those are just the ones I have read in the past decade - and in the Left's case, to my shame, I have praised them on this blog. (Like here. I was a neo-con then.) There's other books of that sort on Amazon. Many, many, many others.

We'd like to check this data against a Southern account of the Redemption era; but in the 1860s and '70s, the South had too few historians and journalists to process what they knew. Much of the Southern heartland was a ruin, on account of the Late Unpleasantness. The North left insufficient infrastructure to support much of an intellectual class; much less would they tolerate a pro-Southern one.

And how to explain the disaster of Reconstruction? Whom could we trust? Even fewer than contemporary historians were there scientists worth the title - genetic biometrics couldn't exist until after the 1950s. In the late 1800s, racial arguments had to engage "anthro-criminologists" and phrenologists. To the historian working during the 1950s, pro-Redemption histories were showing their age; either badly "scienced", so to speak, or just plain prole. Such were easy targets.

But there have survived some accounts of Reconstruction: I know of The Cotton States in the Spring and Summer of 1875 by Charles Nordhoff. I found this at Moldbug's in July 2008 while I was at LGF and, yes, I did pass it on to a LGF thread soon afterward. (Only updings for that, interestingly. Even this late it was a different LGF.) You won't find it in Borders. (Amazon, yes.)

What I found in Nordhoff was a long list of grievances against Reconstruction - not only by whites but also by blacks. All of this was delivered to the author orally. For instance, p. 43 on Louisiana:

in New Orleans... I myself have seen colored members of the Legislature - men who were slaves but ten years ago, and began life with nothing at that time - now driving magnificent horses, seated in stylish equipages, and wearing diamond breast-pins

Nordhoff implies that this man might not have acquired this wealth strictly honestly. As a side note, those diamonds in the mid 1870s would have come from Africa... mined by slaves, of Bantu origin.

When you read Lane or Loewen, to the extent they even let you read primary sources, they filter them through the contemporary North and never fail to tell you how hysterical were the Southrons. You, innocent reader, are to correlate this to the chain-emails you get from your semi-deranged Conservative and Christian email buddies. In the Northerner's eyes there could not be, for instance, black rapes against whites in disproportion to the reverse; every such accusation must follow the template of Scottsboro. Nowadays, we know that interracial rapes are uniformly black-against-white. (Auster at FrontPage.)

On the topic of racial crime, maybe you can't trust your loony white spinster aunt. Maybe you can't trust most Southern historians, credentialed in 1895, either. But you can, I think, trust Nordhoff.

We can see this happening right now in Peoria - the part of Nordhoff to be played by Wilkinson.

The authorities inform us that Wilkinson has registered complaints against black "flash" mobs before. The Narrative is now at work claiming Wilkinson as a wolf-crier; whether or not any wolves have in fact shown up at his neighbourhood before, doesn't matter. Peoria City Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken wants all outsiders to know that this is "exaggerated"; as does the Peoria press, except that they omit that Van Auken runs for Team D. The Peoria AntiPundit has more on Van Auken... so much more:

Now for the reaction from the media and the response from the Second District councilwoman, Barbara Van Auken. This whole thing happened in the Second and she comes out and calls Paul a liar straight away. This is the same woman who when drunk with her rich friend, went to the Frat house’s on the Bradley campus and tried to quell a party at one of them. When the Bradley police arrived, she not only called them fake cops but stuck her boney finger into the chest of the officer while telling him so. Now if that was you or me, they would have to x-ray my ass to see how exactly to remove that officer’s boot from my ass and that would be after they smashed my face on the concrete while sticking a Taser up my rectum so far it would see daylight from my rear molar. Not her, she’s a damn councilwoman and she had her drink glass and olive to prove it. I wonder what we taxpayers paid for the legal fees for her and this embarrassing moment.

Doesn’t matter, because those white folks up on Moss voted her back in last time so they must have approved. Moss has it’s Frats and Thrush Street has it thugs. Bet Van Auken won’t show her finger on Thrush Street at 10pm. Like to see 10 black kids walk down the middle of Moss late on a Friday evening. Talk about a rip in the space-time continuum. Good God.

The media also quotes a local: said the group blocked a few cars but was very orderly. He witnessed no fights and called the racist allegations a "heck of an exaggeration." Note here this local's name: Khalid Davis. The local was born, or converted, to Black-Arab asabiya at least if not to full Islam.

Also to be noted in each account is the same word: "exaggerate". One might even suspect a reporter of Leading The Witnesses.

The contrary reports are such obvious sham, Auster has to quote the whole thing. The Dem/media Memory Hole Effect is real, recently evident over polar bear hunts. I do not expect the original article to last in its present state.

This illustrates how modern Brahmins find ways to controvert the Prole's eyewitness account. Dig up a counter-source - any counter-source, no matter how compromised. Find a D government official to deliver the official word; don't bother with R. Emphasise the orality of the original account.

Human nature does not change. The ancestors of the people involved now, were in this same country then. If it happens, now; it also, happened, then. If underclass blacks mob, riot, loot, and rape now; if elite whites cover up for their enormities now... it also, happened, then.

The epic tragedy of the heroes of Reconstruction and the villains of Redemption is just that, a mummery; it is a Lie Our Teachers Have Told Us. This whole episode needs to be reopened. It needs to be reopened, and it is the Right who must reopen it.

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