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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Polar bear hunts

Some of the sites I shouldn't visit turned up a new term, "polar bear hunt". This is the term's apparent source:

CHAMPAIGN – But for his great sense of humor, Mike Sola might be curled up in the fetal position crying right now.

The 50-year-old former weatherman for WILL-TV and, before that, WCIA-TV, is among the latest in a growing list of white men in town being slugged for sport by young black men. (Earlier reports indicated a slang term of "polar bear hunting" for these attacks, but police officials say that term is not evident in the recent attacks.)

Google will not tell me where urban nonwhites have ever used this term "PBH" themselves. Google is careful to direct me to pariah sites like StuffBlackPeopleDontLike and American Renaissance. In the revision to the initial report here, the authorities denied that the local thugs ever used it.

It doesn't change much. "Wilding" has been with us since the 1980s. I am also aware of Knockout King. "Wilding", for its part, was another white-driven meme. Blacks didn't use the term; a bunch of cops heard these guys singing Tone Loc's "Wild Thing", misheard it, and passed it on. By "these guys" I mean the guys who actually did it, whatever they called it. (PS. thanks, assholes, for ruining Tone Loc for me.)

Ultimately I know that many blacks and hispanics, for whatever reason, target whites and Asians; in disproportion to the reverse. When whites do attack minorities, it makes front-page news; and in Colorado, a racial slur costs 20 days in prison.

Snooping around Youtube, I see that the North Coast yuppies have this thing they do called a "polar bear plunge". Polar bears are on peoples' mind in Illinois.

I have to say that the days when I trusted the media or local authorities to tell me what is going on in The Hood are long gone. I find it more likely that Champaign's Powers That Be realised how radioactive is this term, when the (real) Right found out about it and made their town a byword. History had to change. Yay the memory hole!

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