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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On al-Qaeda's non-existence

Ace opined last month that al-Qaeda does not exist. With the latest Pakistani outrage (Jawa), I had cause to look up other instances of al-Qaeda's nonexistence.

At JihadWatch... yep, the Ikhwan said the same thing in December 2007. (The Ikhwan also asserted that the Americans invented Al-Q - that's taqiyya mudarat for ya.)

Robert Spencer laughed it off at the time; as I assume did I, from the shelter of LGF. But now, I don't know. The Brotherhood of all groups would know most who was on the sabilu'llah and who wasn't. A good lie becomes more effective the closer it approaches the truth.

UPDATE 7/5/2015: removing devil-dictionary.

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