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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The new shadow

From Auster, there was a riot in Vancouver. James P. has the best reaction:

This demonstrates how successfully the Left has normalized deviancy. Initially this effort emerged from the need to excuse black misbehavior, and now such misbehavior is slowly making its way up the food chain. If everyone is a deviant, and everyone riots and loots when they're offended, then blacks can't be singled out as unusually deviant.

Did you notice the white guys making black-style gang signs? We're all black anti-social miscreants now!

It's like the Blues and Greens under Justinian. Note that they wore their hair in the style of the Huns. (I found out about "hun style" in Gonick's Cartoon History, volume II. Yeah, Gonick contracted Bush Derangement Syndrome for his volumes III. The earlier stuff is still valuable.)

Human nature doesn't change. If you let children act how they will, they will act like the worst member of the family. If you have a dog, your child will eat like a dog if you don't tell him otherwise. If you swear while you drive, your child will learn to swear.

Where those in charge of Men do not enforce the law, Men will become Orcs.

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