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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A commenter's resume

Ace expects commenters to contribute. He's been hammering the theme that Ace's blog is his resume. Do we commenters also put our comment history on our resumes?

So, dredged from A couple days back:

  • AoSHQ - Moron from 2004-8, 2009-11. Bantered with others. Sometimes linked to random crap about science and history: [bullet list]. Got LOLs on these occasions: [short bullet list]"
  • LGF - Lizard from 2007-9. Helped to research moderator's blog-posts: [bullet list]. Supported his side in other issues: [bullet list]. Left due to, uh... personal differences.
  • References: forthcoming sometime after Duke Nukem 5 comes out

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