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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Black-on-white crime matters more than white hooliganism

I should defend the statement, "I will mock Vancouver on this site when this site takes notice of Polar Bear Hunts". It's apparently just our "Helots" and "proles" who care. Brahmins know to minimise their contact with the lower orders.

I lived in Houston for a long, long time. I witnessed many crime-waves in that time. I also could not help but notice which demographics committed these crimes. For awhile, I could make believe that it was under control. Then came Katrina and the effects of the "sanctuary city" policy. In Houston, I had a lot less to fear from a white hooligan wannabe-thug riot than from a pack of feral "youths" who do this for a living. I expect this is true of most cities in the US.

When I see a site point to Vancouver, and not to Milwaukee (h/t SBPDL), I have to ask what prompts this focus. I just see "yay! white people can be assholes too". Sure, point taken; we can be. But on average are we?

Also, which affects us more? I propose that not only does actual US black-on-white crime affect us whites more than does some stupidity in Vancouver, but it affects the cities more. That means it affects the whole ideal of civilisation more. As Oscar Wilde once wrote: "if the lower orders don't set us a good example, what on earth is the use of them?" He hit on a truth, there. Where the upper classes are decadent, someone must show his strength; and this someone will be that someone with the most self-confidence.

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