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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ace had a post this morn hammering Colmes, standing in for the media, for making excuses for The Weiner. Weiner is now gone. That this pervert is out is mostly thanks to Ace's work. It was no thanks to Colmes or the "mainstream media".

(As for where we can find the original to this, but... well. And yeah. I'll get to that. It's tangential.)

Back to Colmes, I can offer some guidance into the talking-points of the Left. In my SWPL mountain town, the local rag runs the cartoon / comic "Candorville". Earlier this week Candorville had a strip with his lead character (a black guy) sitting next to a fat white prole with the label "mainstream media". The prole asked if the protagonist would like to hear more about Weiner. The Man With The Moral Authority angrily shouted "NO". Candorville asserts by this that the MSM is run by prole Conservatives and that it was fascinated by Weiner.

Back here in the Local Bubble of the Orion Arm, the MSM didn't touch this until after Memorial Day. The conservatives were even slower to get on this; Goldberg at NRO noted an "embargo" that weekend, and Ace lost patience with his own side around Monday or Tuesday. After that, the Right did venture into it, and Weiner pissed off so many (Left) reporters that they all ran with the story. Even then various MSM mouthpieces like Colmes and Barbara Walters offered nothing but excuses.

Candorville got on my radar on 17 January and the week following when it asserted that the Right was to blame for Giffords' shooting. When the shooter turned out to be a Leftist, that comic was Cricketville. I expect another cricket-swarm over what he was covering for: that USG was shit-scared that USG itself might have handed over the attempted assassination weapon. (It didn't, luckily for Obama.)

Candorville is a hack cartoon, in short. It sacrifices comedy on the altar of its agenda. This is much like the mock hack cartoon in The Alligator: the Rightist reactionary who is always wrong and squeezes not only himself, but the Statue of Liberty in every frame. Except that... The Alligator projects this onto the Right; we're supposed to laugh at this "hack", not with him. Candorville means it; Candorville really is a Left hack cartoon.

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