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Monday, May 30, 2011

PZ Myers is an embarrassment

PZ Myers notes a comment by a rabbi, "aren't atheists embarrassed by P Z Myers?"

I am a Catholic-aligned agnostic. Myers's philosophy doesn't embarrass me. Myers's arguments against Intelligent Design, also, don't embarrass me. Even Myers's profanities don't embarrass me.

Where Myers embarrasses me is when he cites abuses like this as if they were intrinsic to the religion. I say that he does this, because his aim isn't to shame the Catholic hierarchy (in this case) into becoming a better vessel for its message. I suspect that we are not equally likely to see a Myers post pointing out abuses of United Nations' "peacekeepers" as a means to discredit the United Nations. His aim is to discredit Catholicism, among other religions. Belief systems of which he approves receive a pass.

Which leads to the next point. Myers touts himself as a "liberal". Any honest atheist and informed biologist must come, instead, to the "reactionary" conclusion about humanity: that not all men are created - born - equal, that on aggregate not all groups of men are created equal, and that on aggregate men are not created equal to women. I wonder, for instance, what the demographics of the classes he teaches look like. Mostly black, right? Since he's a liberal?

Of course if he admitted to any of this, they'd probably not let him teach. Which makes him a cynic and/or a coward. An embarrassment.

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