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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Two stories hit over the Memorial Day Weekend. One was the story of the Representative('s) Weiner. The other was the story of spontaneous black rioting and mayhem. I have an idea as to why the Rightosphere (starting with Ace, Riehl, GatewayPundit, and Instapundit) concentrated on the former.

These pundits are mainstream, and several have comment sections. I've been in this rodeo long enough to know that one must keep rein on one's non-blogging commenters. Otherwise, when you post on race, you invite the HBD Fan Club. I have "Auster comments" - people have to email me to get quoted here - so I'm safe.

Also, the pundits are in the DC playpen. It's a personal business. Rep. Weiner and others involved (including media, like Podhoretz) have made personal contacts. Ace has contacts of his own. Ace has no problem roasting Weiner, but has been known to self-censor in the past - he's mentioned Charles Johnson, for one, as someone he could have burned but chose not to until a few years ago. Now, Ace is upset that other DC types and conservative-media guys aren't up for it. It bit him this time; and he seems aware of it, with his comment last Sunday that "conservatives have no friends, just enemies currently useful". I'd like to point out that this isn't hypocrisy, but humanity - but at the same time, I'll repeat - a lot of the Weiner stuff is personal. Weiner has personally pissed off a lot of rank-and-file Rightists in a way that Moynihan (for instance) never did. Weiner, I suspect, palmed off on the elite Right (like JPod) that most of his anti-Conservative bluster was just for the rubes and not for People Like Us.

Lastly, Weiner's just funny. Wiener wiener wiener! Ace likes funny; he does funny, and he usually does it well. But a mass unco-ordinated outburst of thuggery from the black community? Not funny. Tragic, in the full Classical sense.

UPDATE 6:50 PM: Auster is a Weiner free zone. (Just refreshed this from 15 minutes ago.)

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