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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minute sixteen

Andrea Harris has a post up informing us that we're no longer famous. It rips the HBD crowd in part for being wrong and in part for hypocrisy.

Her comment is termed a "rant", and it does live up to that descriptor. It is unfocused.

Take her intro about Japan. The HBDers juxtaposed the tsunami in Japan with similar disasters in America. They concluded that the Japanese don't loot; blacks do.

Harris contested the former. She pointed out that the Japanese do loot - they just do it to other nations during a war, as in Nanking. The important point here is that the Japanese were looting other people; they don't loot their own, to the extent of blacks. Harris also counts corruption as equivalent to looting; but it's not. The point of HBD is that looting is low-IQ theft as opposed to corruption. Corruption needs to be compared with corruption, not with looting.

On the topic of corruption, she blames it for the state of Detroit. She points out that many white people helped to vote for liberal politicians and even for black politicians. There are several counters to this; one of these compares the proportion of bad voters in one population against the other. That doesn't contradict HBD - HBD is a statistical proposition (the Bell Curve). HBDers who attack the entire black race, or let the entire white race slide, are Doing It Wrong. Another counter would be to compare the sheer level of corruption in Detroit now, against the level in the 1930s. Lastly, an HBDer could just wash his hands of the part whites played: that the white elite abandoned its responsibilities, permitted democracy, and fled. The HBDer could blame those "Disingenuous White Liberals" for abandoning HBD-based policies, which had worked for centuries; if the local whites had stayed the course, Detroit would be better off than Chicago now.

To sum up, Harris is wrong; and not only is she wrong, but she is blustering. Deep down, she knows that she is wrong.


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