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Sunday, May 08, 2011

The keys to Paradise

I was pondering the meaning of a restrictive afterlife. Christians want an afterlife with only Christians in it. Racists want a future with only whites. Jews are looking to a World To Come with righteous Jews in it, but also "the Righteous Nations" - namely, such non-Jews as follow the Noachide Laws and were good to Jews in life. Mediaeval Zoroastrianism in the Den Kard excludes the Abrahamic faiths, but has since allowed for righteous Jews and Christians (in parallel with Judaism). With the Qur'an, it depends on the sura.

Do we have a right to object to someone else's kerygma? I think that we do. Each sect looks forward to a future, based on falsehoods, that excludes the rest of us. We cannot trust the sectarians - Christian, Muslim, whatever - when they tell us that they put this off to the eschaton. We see in their eschatology their innermost desires. We see whom they hate.

Of the faiths I've listed above, I have respect for those who hate those who hated them first; but leave to the rest "a share in the World To Come".


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