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Sunday, May 29, 2011

John Podhoretz, guardian of the Rainbow Bridge

Here's how John Podhoretz defeats this opponents in debate: "And you are....someone whose articles I've probably rejected."

The argument thus ignored, Podhoretz belittles the man. And how does he know said man is worthless? Because the man cannot get published. And why can not the man be published? Because Podhoretz is the editor, and decides what is good or not.

This illustrates perfectly the circular architecture of the Cathedral.

UPDATE: I have been blogging for over nine years. I was a neocon until mid-2009. There were almost a thousand posts here up to then, and over six hundred since. Let's say we include the LGF Gap '07-09 in that blogging-time; and throw in all the other comments I ever made. John Podhoretz was firmly in that Frum / Sullivan / NRO orbit. I should have mentioned him somewhere ... right?

I've mentioned this man exactly once. And then I suggested he was being hypocritical. I posted about that because his original comment embarrassed his own side (which was my side too, then, remember). Insofar as JPod was affecting an Ambrose Bierce air in that post, HE FAILED IT.

Well, maybe I just wasn't much of a citer. Okay, then. Did I mention Mark Steyn? Posted a massive defence of him in '02. Andrew Sullivan '02-03? Lots of that in the archive. Frum, pre-'07? No problem. What about John's own dad, Norman Podhoretz? "World War IV" is still a theme here. I'm not even getting into LGF and the blogosphere.

Nothing from NPod's lil' Pud. Except when it spurted out something so vile that I had to kick it.

So in my capacity as gatekeeper of my site, John Podhoretz is... someone whose output I've always rejected.

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