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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Most bears favour wooded areas to poop in

And, here's what most Egyptians think of Shari'a.

This includes many Copts, by the way. Copts are a minority in Egypt; and they know - better than most Egyptian Muslims know it - that Shari'a, in its ideal form, would protect them. Right now, Copts live in Egypt unprotected.

(We'll leave aside the extent to which the Ikhwan has orchestrated this State of Nature. When the Ikhwan takes over, it will stop the anarchy, and it will protect the weak. It does not matter what it does until then.)

Never, never imagine - not for a moment - that others share the ideals which you hold dear. The brotherhood of man? The wonders of science? The joys of democracy, of freedom? Nothing, nothing; they are nothing to a Believer, and they are nothing to a man living in fear.


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