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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Islamic debating tactic

I got into it last month with someone, I assume a Muslim, about Libya. I had noted that the opposition in Libya included some Islamists. (I was thinking of this article.) His response was that I objected to all those who "say that God's name is Allah".

This is so exactly, beautifully parallel to the Creationist counter (we'll quote TennWriter here) that those who object to Creationism, really object to "Creation and God" - that I can't help but break into a wide grin.

The Muslims and the Creationists know that this wasn't what I was saying. They were expanding the field which I had established, to include an exponential number of people in their field. They do this not to debate my argument, but to engage the peanut-gallery against me.

I've dealt with the Creationists elsewhere. Let's deal with the Islam(ists) here.

When a Muslim brings up "his name is Allah" in the context of the Ikhwan, they are not just using the Arabic name for God. They are using Allah's name for God. It's their Wedge Strategy: they use that trope just to get in - and the Qur'an follows it, and the Sunna follows that.

And recall that, in context, the whole discussion dealt with a political movement - a movement to take over a major part of the North African coast. For the Muslim, religion and politics ride in the same cart.

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