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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Alligator bites Rush Limbaugh, again, yawn

I see that The Alligator continues its Alinskyite programme, against Rush Limbaugh. Whenever any Conservative rears his head, the Alligator will ensure that power be spoken to truth. I'm not linking. Look it up yourself, on the State-approved search engine of your choice: April 15, 2011, ISSUE 47•15, "The Onion", keywords "limbaugh" and "hawaii" and "minorities".

I don't have love for Limbaugh; I view him pretty much as the Alligator sees him, as a rabble-rouser for Conservatives.

I just have that much less love for the Alligator. "Ha-ha, he's a racist", it wants its readers to think. "Ha-ha, here's the Alligator, shilling for the State", is how I read it; how any honest man must read it.

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