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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Update #19: the Apology Tour

A couple of the projects in the latest uploads, "The Prophet's Excuse" and "Toward God", were posted a bit before their time. Re the "Toward God" project, in particular, sura 41 not be interbelline after all. I can't rule out that the Umayyads had written it against Ibn Zubayr (there's that praying-to-the-moon thing). Re "Interceding With God", sura 39 might also be later than I'd thought. So, that's all fixed.

Also, on Monday I gave Robert Spencer's "Complete Infidel's Guide To The Koran" a more thorough reading than I had done, and I found in it some useful information (in chapter 5). This came in handy for the "Prophetic Sequence" project. I have footnoted where the Guide affects my project. Whatever I think about Spencer's past political choices - where he's right on the scholarship, I intend to be fair about it.

"The Reformer" project now incorporates its parallels with sura 13. I have already implied a chain 13>41>28 in other projects this past month or so, and I've always asserted that 28>40. Fortunately for me, the direct 13/40 parallels do hold up independently as 13>40. They also reinforce that sura 40, to adapt a term from Spencer's book, is "all about the Mu'min". I just happen to think that the Mu'min is Caliph Sulayman and not Muhammad... but then, since Spencer himself is treating Muhammad and the Koran only as literary constructs of the Umma, our theses are not competitors.

The Madrassa sports a few more tweaks.


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